September is Senior Wellness Month

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We are celebrating Senior Pets during the month of September! While there are variables to consider such as species and breed, we generally begin to consider pets to be seniors when they reach 7 years of age.

Now that your pet is considered a “senior citizen,” you have the opportunity to give something in return: the special care that makes the “golden years” happy and healthy!

Our pets are increasingly vulnerable to many illnesses as they reach their later years of life. Their health problems related to advancing years are similar to our own: heart, liver and kidney disease, dental problems, digestive disorders, and cancer. Early detection and treatment of diseases can enable us to extend your pet’s life and improve the quality of it as well.

We are proposing a Senior Wellness Check-Up for your pet, which includes:

  1. Comprehensive Physical Examination
  2. Complete Blood Count
  3. Chemistry Analysis (major organ function)
  4. Urinalysis
  5. Thyroid Screen
  6. 2-4 Digital Radiographs (screening for internal abnormalities)


The normal cost of these services is between $297 and $387. As an incentive to encourage you to use this early detection system, we will provide this package of services for only $237.60 during the month of September.

After the examination and laboratory testing, we will report the results of the Senior Wellness Check-Up and make our recommendations to you.

Please call us at 253-588-1851 for more information about your pet’s Senior Wellness Check-Up. Your pet’s health is our primary concern.